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neoX is a hybrid consultancy that delivers sustained outcomes that make a difference.

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About Us

NEOX is a boutique advisory consulting group focusing on providing value-unique services to project developers of clean, green, renewable, and sustainable energy projects in the Middle East. Our aims and goals are to provide solutions to unexpected ways to solve our clients’ significant problems in developing their projects.

NEOX’s strategy reflects fundamental changes in the project development and operating environment faced by project developer clients and stakeholders seeking project financing, early-stage project development activities, project financing documentation, including technological disruption, corporate sustainability, resiliency by future-proofing businesses, environmental & climate change, ESG compliance, fractured geopolitics, and the continuing effects of COVID-19.

Our Services


Our services focus on Key Functional Areas, including but not limited to Advisory, Strategic Project Development & Management, Debt & Equity Raising, Project Financing, creating innovative solutions to EHS, and sustainability challenges. Our DNA includes but is not limited to the following:

Neox Advisor


We provide specialist advice in the environmental, social, & governance (ESG), sustainability, compliance, and project development and management arenas to clients involved in all areas of municipal, governmental, industrial, and commercial activity, public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.

Trusted Neox Partner


NEOX is your proven, trusted local, regional, and global partner. Trust is an ever-diminishing commodity, a critical component of any relationship. We partner with organizations and project development businesses in renewable, clean, and green projects to deliver value-unique solutions & experiences with purpose. 

Global - Neox


Our success stems from our Global experience enhanced through our local presence and understanding. It comes from listening to our client’s needs, providing world-class original thought and advice, and thus being able to answer the question posed to us. We deliver original work that solves the challenges you face and is done at a fair price.

"Providing excellent service is about finding the argument you cannot refute and transforming it into an offer you cannot refuse. "
Dr. Xanthie Gagaza

Functional Domain Experience


neoX has worked with clients who have helped deliver access to energy worldwide, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, including access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all, which is an essential priority for our group. We provide specialist advice in the essential functional domain experiences to help them lead the way to a more sustainable future.

one service, one tree planted

The neoX Foundation works with fantastic reforestation partners worldwide that need your support to help get trees in the ground.

The neoX Foundation invests in organizations and programs that create impact at the intersection of biodiversity and climate action and has partnered with One Tree Planted to support global reforestation.

Why plant trees? Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere. Trees are good for our health and the health of the planet.

Neox Plant a tree

For every appointment we get, we plant trees.

Our Partners

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We’re always looking for new opportunities and are comfortable working internationally. Please get in touch, and one of our experts will contact you about beginning the proposal process.


The neoX Foundation invests in organizations and programs that create impact at the intersection of biodiversity, climate action and investing in women and young people as agents of change through education.

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