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NEOX assists clients in recognizing their distinct capabilities and formulating a strategy that maximizes their uniqueness to drive successful outcomes. Discover what makes up the NEOX WORLD—Our Vision, Mission, and our Values. 

Our Story

Welcome, and we appreciate your visit to our website.

NEOX, deriving its name from ‘Neo’ meaning NEW and ‘X’ representing our founder Dr. Xanthie, is a leading boutique advisory firm committed to pioneering solutions for clean, green, renewable, and sustainable energy projects in the Middle East and Australia. Our mission is centered on innovating to overcome the complex challenges of project development and introducing new, impactful sustainability strategies.

Our strategy is carefully crafted to address the dynamic project development landscape, tackling hurdles like technological advances, sustainability, resilience, environmental and climate change, ESG compliance, geopolitical complexities, and the effects of COVID-19. We focus on facilitating project financing, boosting early-stage development, and optimizing financing documentation to empower our partners for success amid today’s challenges.

Our team is passionate about delivering groundbreaking ideas that drive meaningful change, leveraging our expertise to support clients in making impactful decisions. At NEOX, we’re driven by what we love—creating change that matters.




Functional Domain Experience

Empowering businesses with strategic insights and innovative solutions, we are a trusted consulting firm dedicated to driving growth, solving complex challenges, and delivering measurable results for our clients.

Strategy and Advice

Does your strategy give you the right to succeed?

In times of disruption, formulating successful strategies requires rapid adjustment, creative innovation, and applying distinctive insights to manage uncertainties. Achieving success depends on accurately predicting trends, identifying emerging risks, and utilizing agile, forward-looking leadership to remain competitive and explore fresh opportunities.

Sustainability Consulting

Addressing the environmental crisis is paramount.

Our strategists, EHS experts, and sustainability experts are competent in designing and implementing successful sustainability strategies for diverse industries. By executing your sustainability strategy, we can help you develop a comprehensive and economically sound system.

debt & equity funding

We help clients streamline debt and equity raising and investment processes. We have over 15 years of experience in project finance advisory and lending roles. We have a proven track record of executing transactions from the initial stages of project evaluation and bankability review, term sheet drafting, and modeling to due diligence and documentation to achieve recourse, pricing, and timing objectives.

Sustainable Innovation

Fighting climate change

There is no Planet B. We cooperate to do our best and to be a part of the global effort of healing our earth so that we can say—YES, TOGETHER WE CAN!

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