new normal. new rule.

Capital Project Management

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

Capital Projects

Investment in Capital Projects demands a clear strategic roadmap

Investing in new assets, existing assets, or expanding investments adds significant value to a business. However, ineffective management of environmental, safety, and social risks can severely limit this value. 5Capitals helps clients keep capital projects on schedule and budget by mitigating environmental, safety, and social risks from conception to investment decision, through operational handover and ongoing management.

Corporate Sustainability & Climate Change

New Nornal. New Rule.

The new normal and the next normal call for a brand-new approach and demands a clear strategic roadmap and more innovative insights to achieve your business outcomes and sustain your growth. We focus and deliver our best quality at work, together with our value-unique capabilities, technology, and scale to think on practical solutions to help you win today and in the NEXT NORMAL.

Our approach to risk management is all about identifying risks, prioritizing them based on potential impact and likelihood, and then managing all related aspects that could disrupt the schedule or endanger the capital project. This proactive management also helps to protect and enhance corporate reputation.

These risks can remain aligned with general project objectives by aligning safety, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability management risks with the broader project objectives during each project lifecycle stage.

Who we are

the business of sustainability since 2007

5Capitals is an environment, health, safety, sustainability, and management consulting group. We provide value-unique services with the world’s leading organizations, creating innovative solutions to sustainability challenges and unlocking commercial opportunities that meet the needs of today while preserving the opportunity for future generations.


We provide specialist advice in the environmental, sustainability, compliance, and management arenas to clients involved in all areas of municipal, governmental, industrial, and commercial activity, public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.


5Capitals is your proven, trusted local, regional, and global partner. Trust is an ever-diminishing commodity, a critical component of any relationship. We deliver original work that solves the challenges you face and is done at a fair price.


Our success stems from our Global experience enhanced through our local presence and understanding. It comes from listening to our client's needs, providing world-class original thought and advice, and thus being able to answer the question posed to us.

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