Sustainability & ESG Consulting

Creating a Sustainability Report and ESG Summary for an Oil & Gas Company

Our Mission

5Capitals was consulted and tasked with preparing our Oil & Gas client’s first combined annual and sustainability report and needed to complete the first draft for editorial formatting and review. The task has to be completed within three months. The client has commissioned 5Capitals to help pull together their information, align this with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and other standards, and help build a more formal strategy for future sustainability reporting.

Our Solution

5Capitals and the client began a data collection process, on-site visits, telephone interviews, narrative development, and GRI alignment. Our GRI specialists mapped the entire report and content to the GRI Standards. The company was able to release compliant information on time for the release of its annual financial statements.

5Capitals also provided the client with the following additional services in line with the appointment:

  • Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) data summary with sources cited
  • A map of material data relevant to GRI, the appropriate Sustainability Accounting Standards Board standard, the CDP Climate, and Water questionnaires
  • A materiality assessment refresh for future strategy development and report preparation

Specific Services Offered:

  • Annual Reporting
  • Third-Party Disclosures
  • Data Management
  • Materiality and Strategy Support

The Result

The client published their annual and sustainability report on time to meet internal and external stakeholder expectations. The client identified several process improvements through this exercise that have streamlined other reporting efforts.

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