Investing our expertise, time and profit to contributing in healing our planet - Yes, together we can!

Social Sustainability

the business of sustainability since 2007

5Capitals is an EHS, sustainability, and management consulting group. We provide value-unique services with the world’s leading organizations, creating EHS innovative solutions to sustainability challenges and translating them to an improved business performance and market position for a long term.

Our Social Sustainability Commitment

We face a global emergency – economic, public health, and environmental issues that we have a moral responsibility to address.

Our dream to making the earth a better place for future generations motivates us to create sustainable solutions. We contribute to make the world a better place for our generation and the generations to come. We strive to impact the environment through our daily work positively, and as citizens of the world, we supplement our professional responsibilities with volunteerism to community work and charitable giving.

Driven by our passion for advancing environmental and community sustainability, 5Capitals has established our Social Sustainability Program. We realized that by combining the gifts of our expertise, time, and profits to increase our contributions and strengthen our volunteer capacity in the place where we operate and together, we help improve tomorrow – TOGETHER.

5Capitals Foundation

The 5Capitals Foundation invests in organizations and programs that create impact at the intersection of biodiversity, climate action, and investing in women and young people as agents of change.

We Can Help

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