How can each of us make the world a better place?

Our Social Sustainability Commitment

neoX Foundation

Established in 2010, the neoX Foundation aims to provide funding and support for non-profit organizations and social enterprises that share our commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Investment in social programs

The neoX Foundation invests in programs that impact women and young people as agents of change. We realized that by combining the gifts of our profits, time, and expertise, we could amplify our contributions and fortify our volunteer capacity in areas where we operate – we help improve tomorrow TOGETHER.

Philanthropy & Community Partnership

We are institutionalizing a sustainable philanthropy program that is socially committed to corporate social responsibilities by collaborating to nurture the communities in which we operate. The neoX Foundation aims to create, develop, and sustain comprehensive programs on many fronts – socioeconomic, environmental, educational, and cultural with particular attention to Orphan Houses which we aim to support.

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