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Projects Highlights

Renewable Energy

Track record of E&S Consulting services on >5,000MW of Solar PV, CSP, Wind, Geothermal, and Hydropower projects in more than ten countries. Inclusive of EIA & ESIA for attaining permits and project finance, development of management systems, and related compliance auditing & reporting.

Thermal Power

E&S consulting services and studies on power projects with a combined output of over 100GW. More than 12 years of corporate experience preparing bankable ESIA’s (and other E&S studies), due diligence studies, and compliance audits for utility-scale thermal power projects.

Water Sector

We have provided consultancy services on large utility-scale desalination projects in the Middle East, primarily linked to EIA & ESIA, as well as ongoing compliance auditing, monitoring, and reporting during construction and operations.

Compliance Auditing

5Capitals has provided E&S construction and operational auditing services on infrastructure, industry, and utility-scale power and water projects in KSA, UAE, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Uganda. Audit reports have been prepared for submission to regulators and lenders.

Land Development & Master Planning

E&S consulting services on several cities & industrial city/area masterplans and major industrial projects in the GCC. It includes the Strategic Environmental Assessment for King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), KSA; Masterplan EIA updates (baseline sections) for Jubail Industrial City, KSA and EIA studies for the masterplans of major development in Dubai, UAE, including Dubai Hills Estate and Dubai Design District.

Industrial Development

5 Capitals have undertaken feasibility and EIA/ESIA studies on various industrial facilities (besides Power and water), including those for mining (Rare Earth Mines, DRI Steel plants, Aluminum Rod & Conductor plants, etc.). We have also prepared sector-specific industrial environmental standards for industrial cities and undertaken specialist environmental surveys in such areas.

ESG Due Diligence & Management

Tailored ESG Due Diligence studies have been developed and undertaken on behalf of private equity firms and power and water utility operators in KSA, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Philippines, Laos, Australia, and Turkey.

Infrastructure Development

A core component of our teams' experience comes in infrastructure, particularly roads & highways, wastewater treatment, and water distribution networks. At 5Capitals, we have built upon this with experience on overhead transmission lines and trains (including the Dubai Metro Red Line expansion), including the attainment of planning permits, preparation of bankable assessments, and development management structures.

Work with Government

We have worked closely with governments to develop, enhance and implement the regulation, licensing schemes, policy, and regulatory oversight. It has included work with MEWA, MOMRA, GAMEP, Municipalities, and other regulators in KSA.

Lenders Technical Advisory

We have worked directly with a host of multi-laterals, commercial banks, and Export Credit Agencies to assess and review their potential investment risks & opportunities and to assess the compliance of bankable documentation prepared by developers & proponents. We provide ongoing compliance auditing of several multi-billion dollar industrial and infrastructure projects with reporting directly to lenders during the loan agreements.

Inspection & Monitoring

5Capitals works with several clients to undertake scheduled and periodic independent environmental & social inspection and monitoring services, reporting to regulators and lenders. We work with other independent experts, including certified laboratories, to measure and monitor progress and compliance.

Capacity Building & Training

We have helped our clients improve their capability and internal management structures by reviewing, designing, and implementing new process management systems, resulting in improved knowledge, efficiencies, and enhanced compliance in day-to-day business operations.

Management Consulting

Our team is experts in project management, risk management, growth strategy, governance, organization, and operational transformation. We have been successfully helping clients across the globe achieve their goals by providing an innovative and value-adding end-to-end management solution. Our success is driven by the combination of our team’s global expertise, extensive local insights, and our approach to consulting that revolves around clients’ needs.


Our record and expertise include the provisions of environmental, management, social, governance, sustainability, regulatory compliance, health & safety, and other related consulting advisories in the following key areas:

Government & Regulators

  • Regulation
  • Licensing
  • Policy
  • Inspection & Monitoring
  • Permitting
  • Capacity Building
  • Strategy
  • Compliance


  • Masterplan & Strategy
  • Permitting Applications
  • Compliance Audits
  • Inspection & Reporting
  • Special Surveys

corporate & institutional

  • Sustainability
  • Licensing
  • Reporting
  • Management Systems and Management Planning (EMS, ESMS, Occupational Health & Safety)
  • Capacity Building
  • Training
  • Supply Chain Management and Auditing
  • Risk Management

transaction Advisory

  • Due Diligence
  • ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Project Finance
  • Lenders Technical Advisory Roles
  • Auditing
  • Compliance Management

Our Clients

Welcome to 5Capitals. We have worked with clients from government, banking, development, construction, private equity, business, and industry.

PROJECT LENDERS Project Finance & International Financial Institutions

An area where we add particular value is on projects that require international financing. A large proportion of 5 Capitals’ project work is with the international project finance groups, requiring compliance with the Equator Principles, OECD Common Approaches, IFC Performance Standards, and IFC EHS Guidelines. As a result, 5Capitals has enjoyed working with or submitting reports to the following financial institutions:

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