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sustainability consulting

Our strategist, EHS, and sustainability experts are competent in designing and implementing successful sustainability strategies for diverse industries. We will assist you in developing a comprehensive and economically sound system through to your sustainability strategy execution.

What we do?

OUR PLANET IS WOUNDED. 5Capitals provide solutions to the ENVIRONMENTAL & CLIMATE CRISIS by partnering with businesses, organizations, and governments to help them towards Net-Zero for a more sustainable future. From setting the strategic direction, footprint, and target setting, to energy systems and climate action plans, our sustainability experts help navigate the risks and opportunities of climate change. 

Focus Areas







Sustainability Leadership Consulting

We help clients plot and accelerate their sustainability roadmaps through our proven value-unique tools and methods. 5Capitals helps clients with their sustainability challenges through business cases that drive change throughout their organization.

International Reach

Our strategist, EHS, and sustainability experts currently support clients' sustainability efforts across five (5) continents. We coach our clients' strategic leaders; plan, measure, and report sustainability programs that yield substantive benefits for people, products, the planet, and profit.

Diverse Industry Focus

Our sustainability practice covers diverse industries – Energy, Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Hotels, and other industries. We assist clients in developing comprehensive and economically sound sustainability strategies through their sustainability execution.

Profitable Sustainability

We offer expert guidance & support to our clients  adopt to environmental best practices that result in significant competitive advantages and cost savings. We are committed to helping organizations monetize their sustainability initiatives and prove the actual business value of their efforts.

Sustainability & your organization

Sustainability has a substantial impact on businesses and their stakeholders. More robust consideration of sustainability in society,  health, economy, and the environment has led to a significant rise in responsible investments. More and more governments and institutions are pledging to back the United Nations sustainable development goals, which addresses the most critical challenges facing humanity today.

How we can help?

Sustainability Visioning & Roadmap Setting

Starting at the executive level, we will help you set, vet, and meet profitable sustainability roadmap goals into the years ahead. By looking at your risks and opportunities holistically, analyzing uncertainty and impact along the sustainability frontier, we help you plot pathways to enable innovation-based growth and reduce exposure.

Strategic Leaders Training & Support

We coach organizations' strategic leaders - CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and other executives- to create a vision and execute profitable sustainability throughout their organizations, products, and supply chains.

Partnership & Industry Engagement

We are proud to be partners and participants in sustainability and industry collaborations, including the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable, Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council, EHSxTech®, EHSxRetail, the CE100, and the ReMADE Institute.

GHG Scope 1, 2, & 3, Emissions Reductions

We support GHG Scopes 1, 2, and 3 planning and execution. We offer our expertise for companies ready to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of their supply chains, products, employee travel and commutes, purchases, and more.

Goals, Metrics, and Progress Measures

Powered by the 5Capitals software solution, we help clients optimize data and reporting, leading to the delivery of relevant, practical, timely, cost-efficient, and reliable sustainable business progress.

Does your sustainability strategy gives you the right to succeed?

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Andrew Burrow

Sustainability Practice Leader

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