Urban Development

Urban Development


The global population is growing at an accelerated pace. Seven billion people are expected to be living in cities by 2050, almost double the urban population today. Increasing urbanization adds to the globe’s ongoing industrial, transport and water challenges, so the need for comprehensive master planning is more significant than ever.

Integrated Planning Expertise

The key to successful and sustainable development lies in a collaborative and integrated approach to planning. Our experienced team of urban, economic, and infrastructure planners combines global expertise with a local presence. We assist clients in setting up a vision, strategy, policy, and concept development with economic and market research to create spatial master plans for regions, industrial cities, other economic zones, urban renewal, new towns, parks, mixed-use developments, airports, and transit-oriented developments. Our clients are both government and private organizations, eager to boost their financial results in a sustainable and viable way.

Economic-driven designs

We shape every aspect of urban design, including water management, infrastructure, utilities, and transportation. We provide vital services, including economic viabilities, feasibility studies, environmental and social impact assessments. Our plans are inspiring and competitive, as well as highly functional and economically viable, and sustainable. We pride ourselves on delivering business profitability, creating exceptional communities, enhancing society, and positive city environments of the future.

Comprehensive urban master planning

We take a comprehensive and integrated approach to developing successful spatial and regional economic urban plans. Our team consists of strategy consultants, urban planners, designers, market researchers, and engineers in infrastructure, industry, water, energy, ports, aviation, and the environment. Sustainable planning requires close cooperation with each client and respectful stakeholder engagement, a process that our skilled and certified specialists closely manage in project management and project offices. Our master planning approach lies at the heart of all our developments. Thanks to thorough pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, our master plans are inspiring and competitive, and highly functional.

Who we are

the business of sustainability since 2007

5Capitals is an environment, health, safety, sustainability, and management consulting group. We provide value-unique services with the world’s leading organizations, creating innovative solutions to sustainability challenges and unlocking commercial opportunities that meet the needs of today while preserving the opportunity for future generations.


We provide specialist advice in the environmental, sustainability, compliance, and management arenas to clients involved in all areas of municipal, governmental, industrial, and commercial activity, public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.


5Capitals is your proven, trusted local, regional, and global partner. Trust is an ever-diminishing commodity, a critical component of any relationship. We deliver original work that solves the challenges you face and is done at a fair price.


Our success stems from our Global experience enhanced through our local presence and understanding. It comes from listening to our client's needs, providing world-class original thought and advice, and thus being able to answer the question posed to us.

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