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Our strategist, EHS, and sustainability experts are competent in designing and implementing successful sustainability strategies for diverse industries. We will assist you in developing a comprehensive and economically sound system through to your sustainability strategy execution.



The global population is growing at an accelerated pace. Seven billion people are expected to be living in cities by 2050, almost double the urban population today. Increasing urbanization adds to the globe’s ongoing industrial, transport and water challenges, so the need for comprehensive master planning is more significant than ever.

Flood resilient urban areas

Floods threaten human life, critical infrastructure, and economic operations, especially in complex, high-density urban environments. Our flood resilient solutions cover adaptation and prevention - from early warning systems using intelligent, interactive tools, analyses, and flood protection systems to protect valuable assets. From assessment to the solution, we draw on a network of deep ‘smarts’ specialized in understanding the physics, social environment, and stakeholders involved, translating this into the real world with an eye on commercial and economic growth.

Smart water systems

We help clients with tailored technological solutions for water and wastewater in cities. Our solutions and software implementations are designed to understand water and its impact in urban areas. We work closely with clients, operators in their decision-making, performance management improvement, and process optimization. Contact us today to learn more about our vision, our technology, and our innovative solutions.

Water Management Services

the business of sustainability since 2007

Efficient, responsible, and safe use of space and water makes for a sustainable future. 5Capitals takes an integrated approach to plans and projects in the coastal, river, and spatial development, water management, and water treatment. Environmental policy and risk management increase public interest in the environment, a much more important topic for companies and governments. 5Capitlas has the knowledge and experience to support and assist governments and companies in this area.


Consultancy & design - 5Capitals provides services with clients involved in all aspects of water industries and businesses. We cover all improvement, extension, and complete replacement of existing water and wastewater treatment plants. Our experts always seek to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions.


Industrial water treatment specialism - We are specialists in water and cooling water systems, water optimization studies related to core processes, sewer systems, water recycling, wastewater treatment, and zero liquid discharge.


Pilot research & turn-key delivery - We provide various partnership or contract services: from consultancy and pilot trials to turn-key water plant delivery. Our experts can also take care of the operation and maintenance of your plant.


Sustainable to the limit - Our process experts are well-known pioneers and leading professionals in environmental, health, safety, and sustainability, capable of integrating sustainable solutions to maintain your company's quality objectives and success.

Wastewater management services

Developing sustainable water systems is a complex exercise because the infrastructure needed requires planning for the long term. Today’s choices determine the future’s urban environment that is robust, safe, and enhancing to society. Our services include advice on complex wastewater, stormwater network, water treatment plants, and optimizing an existing treatment plant. Our solutions are ideal for individual plants and each operator’s requirements.

Achieving a sustainable society is a crucial challenge to today’s ever-changing world. Protecting our water resources requires that water returned to the environment is well-treated to remove nutrients, bacteria, and other pollutants. Water reuse is becoming imperative for industry and city alike, requiring an even higher standard of effluent from the wastewater treatment plants.

We provide expert advice in the fields of collection and treatment of wastewater. We examine every aspect of wastewater collection and transport, the required investment, and operational cost-effectiveness on both collection and treatment solutions resulting in socially acceptable services that will satisfy all stakeholders. We apply our knowledge, the most appropriate technology, enhanced equipment, intelligent process automation, and IT solutions for each project while taking care of dedicated project implementation.

Drinking Water services

Clean, accessible water for all is essential for a safe and stable society. There is sufficient fresh water on the planet to achieve this. However, due to economic differences or poor infrastructure, millions of people, most of them children, still suffer from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation, and hygiene. There is a sincere need to close the human dignity gap.

Providing reliable, clean water to cities, towns, and rural communities in the face of rapid urbanization in developing countries is a significant challenge facing government institutions. Our experience and expertise delivered through our local offices in these countries enable us to take on the most complex projects and provide innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.

5Capitals works closely with parties for water delivery and reuses to find innovative solutions for more sustainable use of this primary resource. In addition, an integrated (urban) water system approach enables our clients to align the freshwater distribution to the fluctuating local demands of both human lives and industrial use.

Where infrastructure exists, we excel in promoting strategic asset management. Considering aging infrastructure, water threats, investment challenges, price regulation, the transformation from construction to maintenance all play a role. The vision is a more sustainable water supply since there is a demand for a new approach, an intelligent water supply system, and innovative water technologies that provide safe water at an affordable cost.

Flood risk management modeling and design

5Capitals provides services that cover the whole flood risk management cycle – concept design, feasibility, impact assessments, tender process, site supervision, operation, and maintenance. It includes integrated flood risk management plans, safety level and flood risk assessments, hydraulic & hydrological modeling, design of structural measures, monitoring and early warning measures, environmental and social impact assessments.

The changing climate has triggered massive flooding and other flood-related disasters, as evidenced by recent disasters (e.g., the ‘Asia tsunami’ (2004), hurricane Katrina in the USA (2005), the Thailand flooding (2011), and the most recent flooding in Europe that affected Germany in 2021. The affected countries were unprepared, resulting in human suffering, massive losses of lives, economic value, and social disruption. Damages tend to be highest in delta areas, where often both population and economic value are concentrated.

Flood risk reduction in delta areas should focus on cities but should include the remaining wetlands of high ecological value. As a result of climate change, deforestation, and erosion, flooding is no longer concentrated in the ‘traditional’ flood-prone areas. It forces us to screen continuously, anticipate better, look across borders, and widening project and planning horizons. Floodproofing our preparedness in this complex matter requires teamwork involving the client, professionals, and stakeholders.

We offer clients an integrated flood risk solution using our knowledge, experience, and network. We work worldwide, and we master the techniques and state-of-the-art, with a regional focus, from local offices and local companies and institutions. Our integrated approach with international and local expertise involves guarantees continuity in your projects, no matter if you are a private company or public government. We work with internationally renowned water research institutes to keep ourselves up to date with the latest developments in research and innovations.

Industrial Water services

The diversity of applications, processes, and potential issues within the global water industry is almost as abundant as H2O. 5Capitals helps clients to take advantage of the most efficient, sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective industrial water design solutions currently available.

We have been your sustainability partner since 2007. We have a wealth of experience and expertise and have been closely involved in all aspects of industrial water business and technologies worldwide for decades. Our multi-disciplinary experts can find solutions to all aspects of a project, no matter the scale. Our services include the improvement, extension, or complete replacement of existing water and wastewater treatment plants to handle the research, design, and realization of new water plants and facilities.

Our flexible approach means we can offer a wide range of services, from joining existing teams as consultants to managing operation and maintenance. 5Capitals provides a broad spectrum of expert technical support for your next industrial water project.

Nature driven design and ecosystem services

Nature-Based Solutions are essential for the sustainable management of natural systems, such as rivers and coasts. Nature-Based Solutions uses biological processes’ forces as an opportunity to tackle socio-environmental challenges, including climate change, water security, and flood risk. Using natural techniques instead of traditional design and building methods leads to greener, more sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. Solutions in which society, ecology, and economy all benefit.

One of the main merits of Nature-Based Solutions is the increase in resilience that they provide. In contrast with the ‘hard’ engineering solutions, Nature-Based solutions can grow and evolve with changes in the environment because the building blocks are ‘soft’ measures and materials. That makes them more adaptable to, for example, the increasing pressure of sea-level rise. Nature-Based Solutions tackle multiple issues at once: restoration of mangrove forests and oyster reefs can serve as coastal protection and at the same time provide a sustainable source of income for the local population.

The range of application of Nature-Based Solutions is wide: from deltaic, coastal, and riverine areas to urban developments and rural environments. For example, Nature-Based Solutions are applied for coastal management issues, harbor development, land reclamations, and large infrastructure projects in coastal settings. Examples include sand engines, green embankments, ecological dredging pits, wetland restoration, and the development of natural lines of protection. In urban environments, the focus lies on creating a greener, more sustainable cities with Nature-Based flood resilience. Examples in the rural setting are natural climate buffers and watershed restorations.

5Capitals has been working on projects in Nature-Based Solutions and strives for innovative, sustainable, and nature-friendly solutions to enhance society. We implement this approach and philosophy more and more as we truly believe in the power that natural forces and resources can provide to help us create sustainable solutions.

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the business of sustainability since 2007

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